Chapter 19. Pixar

Technology Meets Art
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    Pixar Image Computer

    A 1987 demo of the Pixar Image Computer sold by Pixar.

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    Job's Security Clearance File

    Some details from the FBI security clearance file on Jobs that was recently made public.

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    The Roots of Computer Animation

    A documentary clip on early computer animation talking about John Lasseter, Pixar and Disney's CAPS.

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    Luxo Jr.

    The first animation film produced by Pixar in 1986.

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    Pixar's Early Years

    A 1987 BBC film on computer graphics featuring Alvy Ray Smith, Steve Jobs and Pixar's 1st birthday party (06:15 and on).

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    Tin Toy

    Pixar's short animation film that was the first computer-generated movie to win the Academy Award in 1988.

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    John Lasseter on Winning an Oscar for "Tin Toy"

    A short piece on John Lasseter, "Tin Toy" and winning the Academy Award in 1988.


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