Chapter 2. Odd Couple

The Two Steves
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    Steve Wozniak on His Background

    Steve Wozniak talks about his electronics background, pranks and how he met Jobs (01:20 and on).

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    Jobs Talks About the "TV Jammer"

    Jobs talks about the "TV Jammer" device built by Woz and the practical jokes they played with it.

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    Wozniak on the "TV Jammer" Pranks

    Wozniak's account of the "TV Jammer" pranks he's played with Jobs.

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    Jobs Prank Calls Starbucks

    Jobs showing his love for pranks in one of his Apple Keynote addresses.

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    Woz Meets Captain Crunch

    Excerpts from Steve Wozniak and John Draper ("Captain Crunch") interviews on blue boxing.

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    Jobs Interview about the Blue Box Story

    Jobs talks about himself and Woz building a "blue box" device that made free long-distance calls possible.


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