Chapter 22. Toy Story

Buzz and Woody to the Rescue
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    The Making of "Toy Story" (Part 1)

    A 1995 documentary on the making of "Toy Story". Interviews with John Lasseter, Ed Catmull and others.

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    The Making of "Toy Story" (Part 2)

    The 2nd part of the documentary on how "Toy Story" was made.

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    Larry Ellison on "Toy Story"

    Larry Ellison talks about Jobs's obsession with the "Toy Story" movie (03:00 and on)

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    "Toy Story" Trailer

    The official trailer for the "Toy Story" movie.

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    Jobs and John Lasseter on the Charlie Rose Show

    Jobs and John Lasseter interview following the "Toy Story" release, where Jobs emphasizes that "Toy Story" is a Pixar movie.

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    Tom Hanks Interview

    Tom Hanks tells about his work on providing the voice for Woody in "Toy Story".


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