Chapter 27. The iMac

Hello (Again)
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    The Jetsons Intro

    “What computer would the Jetsons have had? It was like, the future yesterday.”

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    The First iMac Introduction

    Jobs introducing iMac G3 on May 6, 1998

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    iMac Commercial - Traffic

    An iMac commercial celebrating the device's simplicity and no-clutter approach.

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    iMac Commercial - Beige

    Jeff Goldblum pronouncing the beige of the era's computers as "nothing, boring, bland."

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    Jobs Interview ahead of iMac Release

    Steve Jobs Fox interview a day before the launch of the first iMac.

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    iMac Commercial - Colors

    An iMac ad celebrating the variety of the machine's juicy-looking colors.

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    Welcome iMac!

    Rare video - a conventional-type iMac commercial that never aired.


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