Chapter 34. Twenty-First-Century Macs

Setting Apple Apart
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    iBook Commercial from 1999

    An iBook ad that debuted in 1999.

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    The G4 Cube Introduction

    Jobs reveals the new G4 Cube at Macworld New York 2000.

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    Promotional Video for the G4 Cube

    Apple's promotional video for the G4 Cube featuring Lee Clow, Jony Ive and others.

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    "Sunflower" iMac Commercial

    A 2002 ad for the new "sunflower" iMac G4.

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    The Intel Switch Revealed

    Jobs announces the Intel switch at Apple WWDC 2005.

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    Jobs Interview on the Intel Switch

    Jobs's interview given to CNBC after announcing the Intel switch.

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    Intel Inside of a Mac

    "Imagine the possibilities." - commercial from 2006.

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    "We did discover some irregularities"

    Jobs discusses the options backdating issue in an CNBC interview in 2006 (02:30 and on).

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    Jobs Talks about the Options Issue

    Jobs discusses the options scandal in an CNBC interview following iPhone announcement in 2007 (05:00).


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