Chapter 4. Atari and India

Zen and the Art of Game Design
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    Al Alcorn on Working with Jobs

    Atari's former chief engineer Al Alcorn talks about hiring Jobs in 1974, his return from India and more.

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    Ron Wayne and Jobs

    Ron Wayne tells a story about working with Jobs at Atari and Jobs's proposal to start a slot machine business with him.

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    John Lennon - Mother

    A song written by John Lennon after undergoing primal scream therapy in 1970 that Jobs often played.

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    Nolan Bushnell on Jobs, Wozniak and Breakout

    Nolan Bushnell talks about managing Jobs and the development of the Breakout game.

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    Woz on Developing Breakout

    Steve Wozniak talks about how he developed the Breakout game for Atari in four days.

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    Atari Breakout

    The original Atari Breakout game (1976).

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    Atari's Impact on Jobs

    Nolan Bushnell talks about the Jobs's understanding of the "human factors" brought by him from Atari to Apple.


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