Chapter 5. The Apple I

Turn On, Boot Up, Jack In...
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    Whole Earth Catalog Revisited

    An overview of the first issue of Whole Earth Catalog (1968) and an enlightening homestead tour of a former editor.

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    Woz on the Homebrew Computer Club and Starting Apple

    Steve Wozniak talks about the Homebrew Computer Club and starting Apple with Jobs (41:00 and on).

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    Bill Gates's Open Letter to Homebrew Computer Club

    Bill Gates 1994 interview on year 1976 in the history of Microsoft and his famous open letter on software piracy (00:50 and on).

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    Apple I

    A museum display of one of the original Apple I computers.

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    Ron Wayne on Forming Apple

    Ron Wayne talks about his diplomacy skills and getting a 10% stake at Apple Computer.

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    Why Ron Wayne Sold Out

    Ron Wayne on his three reasons for selling his stake in Apple Computer.

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    The Early Days of Apple

    Jobs, Wozniak and others discussing the beginnings of Apple. Paul Terrell's recollection of the "emergency call" from Jobs in the beginning of the clip.

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    Jobs on the Early History of Apple

    Jobs tells the early history of Apple in his 1980 speech (02:30 and on).


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