Chapter 6. The Apple II

Dawn of a New Age
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    How Steve Wozniak Brought Color to Computers

    Woz interview where he tells about coming up with a way to make computers create color.

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    Woz on Apple II

    Steve Wozniak talks about the creation of the Apple II computer.

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    Nolan Bushnell on Missing a Chance to Get a Third of Apple Computer

    A part of Nolan Bushnell's keynote address where he talks about rejecting Jobs's offer to buy a third of Apple Computer for $50,000.

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    Mike Markkula and Apple Computer

    How Mike Markkula met Jobs and Wozniak in 1976 and became involved in Apple Computer.

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    Woz and HP

    Steve Wozniak talks about his attachment to HP and having to leave it in 1977.

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    Rob Janoff on Apple Logo

    An iChat interview with Rob Janoff, the creator of Apple logo.

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    Zaltair Computer Joke

    The practical joke Woz played on Jobs at the West Coast Computer Faire in 1977.

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    Apple II Promo

    A semi-amateur commercial for the Apple II done by a local retailer around 1977.

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    Apple II Ad - Homemaker

    One of the first commercials for the Apple II done by Apple Computer.


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