Chapter 8. Xerox and Lisa

Graphical User Interfaces
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    Apple III Demo

    A demo of the Apple III computer that began shipping in 1980.

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    Bill Atkinson Joins Apple Computer

    Bill Atkinson on how he started working at Apple (16:00 and on).

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    Xerox Alto Commercial

    A commercial for the Xerox Alto prototype computer.

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    Jobs and His Team Visit Xerox PARC

    Jobs on what he saw at Xerox PARC. Short interview with Adele Goldberg at the end of the clip.

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    Xerox PARC Demo for Apple Computer

    The GUI concept that was shown to the Apple crew at Xerox PARC.

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    Larry Tesler Recalls Jobs's Xerox PARC Visits

    Larry Tesler, Xerox's scientist who took Jobs on a tour of Xerox PARC, tells the famous story of the Apple's PARC visits.

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    Good Artists Copy, Great Artists Steal

    Jobs uttering the famous words in relation to the Xerox PARC GUI incident in a 1994 interview.

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    Jobs Gets Ousted from the Lisa Division

    Jobs on being ousted from the Lisa division and realizing the need to "do something here" (07:00).


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