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    Excerpts from Macworld San Francisco 1997

    Amelio "trotting out" Jobs for Macworld 1997 in San Francisco. Jobs edging offstage as Wozniak is being called out (38:30 and on).

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    The New Apple Board

    Members of the new Apple board talking about the new direction for the company in 1997.

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    Macworld Boston in 1997

    Jobs introduction at 04:45; announcement of Apple's new partnership with Microsoft at 26:10.

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    Jobs Kills the Clones

    Jobs discusses his talks with the Mac licensors (video circa 1997).

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    "You have to think differently"

    An excerpt from the 1997 Boston Macworld where Jobs used the concepts of the upcoming "Think Different" campaign.

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    The "Think Different" Commercial

    The original "Think Different" commercial with the voice-over done by Richard Dreyfuss.

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    "Think Different" Commercial with Jobs's Voice-Over

    The never aired commercial with the "Here's to the crazy ones..." narration done by Jobs.

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    Jobs Lays Out His Vision of Cloud Computing in 1997

    Jobs explains his vision of cloud computing during the 1997 WWDC Q&A session.


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