Videos tagged "1998"

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    Think Different "The Making Of"

    Lee Clow and others on the making of the "Think Different" ad campaign for Apple.

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    Jobs Interview ahead of iMac Release

    Steve Jobs Fox interview a day before the launch of the first iMac.

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    Welcome iMac!

    Rare video - a conventional-type iMac commercial that never aired.

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    iMac Commercial - Traffic

    An iMac commercial celebrating the device's simplicity and no-clutter approach.

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    Tim Cook Reflects on His Decision to Join Apple

    Tim Cook talks about his decision process when offered to join Apple (05:30).

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    Antz - Official Trailer

    Official trailer for Antz (1998).

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    A Bug's Life - Teaser

    "An epic of miniature proportions."


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