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    Connecting the Dots

    Jobs reflects on his time at Reed in his famous 2005 Stanford's commencement address (01:00 and on).

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    "Life is random."

    iPod Shuffle ad circa 2005.

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    iPod Shuffle Launch

    A year after iPod Mini launch, Jobs introduces iPod Shuffle in 2005.

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    George Bush and His iPod

    George Bush discussing the iPod in 2005.

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    The Intel Switch Revealed

    Jobs announces the Intel switch at Apple WWDC 2005.

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    Jobs Interview on the Intel Switch

    Jobs's interview given to CNBC after announcing the Intel switch.

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    Jobs's Stanford Commencement Address

    Stanford's commencement address given in June 2005 by Jobs.

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    ROKR Commercial

    The not-really-compelling "A hundred tunes in your phone, baby."

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    The ROKR Introduction

    Jobs introduces Motorola ROKR, the "iTunes Phone," in 2005. It was evident that Apple could do better (3:50).


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