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    Jobs and his Wife at iPhone Launch

    Jobs and his wife, Laurene Powell-Jobs, at Palo Alto Apple store on the day of the iPhone launch in 2007.

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    "Apple is like a ship with a hole in the bottom"

    Jobs making fun of Amelio's ship analogy ten years later at the D5 conference in 2007.

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    Jobs Talks about the Options Issue

    Jobs discusses the options scandal in an CNBC interview following iPhone announcement in 2007 (05:00).

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    Jobs and Bill Gates at All Things Digital

    The full version of the historic joint interview at All Things Digital 2007.

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    Steve Ballmer Bashes the iPhone

    Microsoft's Steve Ballmer laughs at iPhone as "the most expensive phone in the world."

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    iPhone Pre-Launch Ad

    An iPhone commercial that nicely sums up the main points about the device.

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    iPhone Presentation (Part 2)

    Part 2 of the iPhone presentation.

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    iPhone Presentation (Part 1)

    Jobs presents the original iPhone the Macworld Conference & Expo 2007.

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    iPhone Prototype

    A video of an iPhone prototype from early 2007 running a test version of OS.

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    iPhone Introduction CNBC Interview

    Jobs's CNBC interview after the iPhone introduction in 2007.

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    Jobs Listens to Bill Gates Discussing Tablets

    Jobs politely listens to Bill Gates who declares the tablet the next big thing at the D5 conference in 2007.


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