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    A Team of Pirates

    Andy Hertzfeld talks about the spirit of the Mac team (23:15 and on).

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    How Andy Hertzfeld Joined Apple

    Andy Hertzfeld talks about joining Apple Computer in 1979.

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    Andy Hertzfeld on Jobs's Reality Distortion Field

    Andy Hertzfeld talks about the January 1982 Macintosh deadline and Jobs's RDF.

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    Bouncing Pepsi Caps

    A Macintosh demo created by Andy Hertzfeld in 1982 that featured bouncing Pepsi caps and Apple logos.

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    A Question of Taste

    Jobs's famous "Microsoft have no taste" remark, with comments by Andy Hertzfeld. Followed by an excerpt from Bill Gates and Jobs interview at the D5 conference.

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    Jobs Visiting the Palo Alto Store

    The Andy Hertzfeld exchange at 00:33.


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