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    The Early Days of Apple

    Jobs, Wozniak and others discussing the beginnings of Apple. Paul Terrell's recollection of the "emergency call" from Jobs in the beginning of the clip.

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    Why Ron Wayne Sold Out

    Ron Wayne on his three reasons for selling his stake in Apple Computer.

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    Ron Wayne on Forming Apple

    Ron Wayne talks about his diplomacy skills and getting a 10% stake at Apple Computer.

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    Rob Janoff on Apple Logo

    An iChat interview with Rob Janoff, the creator of Apple logo.

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    Mike Markkula and Apple Computer

    How Mike Markkula met Jobs and Wozniak in 1976 and became involved in Apple Computer.

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    Nolan Bushnell on Missing a Chance to Get a Third of Apple Computer

    A part of Nolan Bushnell's keynote address where he talks about rejecting Jobs's offer to buy a third of Apple Computer for $50,000.

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    Bill Atkinson Joins Apple Computer

    Bill Atkinson on how he started working at Apple (16:00 and on).

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    John Sculley on Joining Apple in 1983

    John Sculley remembers the climatic moment of his and Jobs's "courtship" in 1983.

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    Macintosh Software Dating Game

    Excerpts from the skit at the 1983 Apple sales conference featuring Jobs and Bill Gates.

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    Jobs and Bill Gates on Apple + Microsoft Early History

    Bill Gates and Jobs tell the story of early partnership between Apple Computer and Microsoft at the D5 conference in 2007 (13:40 and on).

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    Apple Computer in 1985

    A news piece on the state of Apple and computer industry in 1985: Macintosh sales, Wozniak's departure and more.

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    Apple Fremont Factory (Part 2)

    Part 2 of Apple's Fremont factory video.

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    Apple Fremont Factory (Part 1)

    Part 1 of Apple Computer's promotional video about its Fremont factory where Macintoshes were manufactured.


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