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    Apple II Ad - Homemaker

    One of the first commercials for the Apple II done by Apple Computer.

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    Apple II Promo

    A semi-amateur commercial for the Apple II done by a local retailer around 1977.

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    Xerox Alto Commercial

    A commercial for the Xerox Alto prototype computer.

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    Kevin Costner Lisa Ad

    A Lisa commercial featuring Kevin Costner.

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    Steve Ballmer Sells Windows 1.0

    A Windows 1.0 with Steve Ballmer telling about the features of the new OS.

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    The 1985 "Lemmings" Ad

    The unsuccessful "Lemmings" commercial for the Macintosh Office that aired in 1985.

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    1994 Power Macintosh Ad

    "It's faster, it costs less, and it runs DOS and Windows."

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    The "Think Different" Commercial

    The original "Think Different" commercial with the voice-over done by Richard Dreyfuss.

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    Welcome iMac!

    Rare video - a conventional-type iMac commercial that never aired.

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    iMac Commercial - Traffic

    An iMac commercial celebrating the device's simplicity and no-clutter approach.

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    iMac Commercial - Beige

    Jeff Goldblum pronouncing the beige of the era's computers as "nothing, boring, bland."

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    iMac Commercial - Colors

    An iMac ad celebrating the variety of the machine's juicy-looking colors.

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    iTunes: Rip. Mix. Burn.

    A classy iTunes commercial from 2001.

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    The Classic "Hey Mama" Ad

    The classic iPod commercial in the silhouettes genre featuring "Hey Mama" by Black Eyed Peas.

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    First iPod Commercial

    The first iPod commercial, produced in 2001.

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    iMovie 1999 Commercial

    iMovie + FireWire-enabled iMac = Fun!

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    "Life is random."

    iPod Shuffle ad circa 2005.

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    iPod Mini Commercial

    A cute commercial for iPod Mini.

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    U2 iPod Ad

    The U2 iPod commercial that aired in 2004.

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    The Bob Dylan iPod Commercial

    The iPod ad aired in 2006 with Bob Dylan singing "Someday Baby".

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    iBook Commercial from 1999

    An iBook ad that debuted in 1999.

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    "Sunflower" iMac Commercial

    A 2002 ad for the new "sunflower" iMac G4.

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    iPhone Pre-Launch Ad

    An iPhone commercial that nicely sums up the main points about the device.

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    ROKR Commercial

    The not-really-compelling "A hundred tunes in your phone, baby."

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    iPad Is...

    A commercial from the later "iPad is..." series.

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    A Manifesto Ad for the iPad

    “iPad is thin. iPad is beautiful... It’s crazy powerful..."

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    The “There Goes My Love” iPad Commercial

    The first iPad commercial aired in 2010 that Jobs hated.

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    The Beatles on iTunes Ad

    A 2010 iTunes commercial.

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    The Beatles Through the Years

    A 4-minute video by Apple dedicated to the launch of the Beatles on iTunes.


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