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    Hartmut Esslinger's Design Philosophy

    Hartmut Esslinger, the founder of frogdesign - Apple's design contractor - talks about his design principles.

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    Susan Kare on Macintosh Icons and More

    Susan Kare explains the Macintosh icons and showcases its text processing capabilities in a Computer Chronicles episode (08:30 and on).

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    Jobs on the Design of the Macintosh

    Jobs compares the design of the Macintosh to the icons of industrial design.

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    Apple's Bauhaus Heritage

    The striking parallels between Apple's design approach and the story of the Bauhaus movement's Wagenfeld table lamp.

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    Dieter Rams: Less but Better

    Dieter Rams of Braun explains his "Less but better" approach to design.

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    Jony Ive on Design

    Jonathan Ive talks about his approach to industrial design.

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    Jobs and Jony Ive on Apple's Design Principles

    "We don't talk about design here. We talk about how things work."


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