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    Woz Meets Captain Crunch

    Excerpts from Steve Wozniak and John Draper ("Captain Crunch") interviews on blue boxing.

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    Jobs Interview about the Blue Box Story

    Jobs talks about himself and Woz building a "blue box" device that made free long-distance calls possible.

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    A Robert Friedland Interview

    A short business-related interview with Robert Friedland that gives an impression of the man's charisma and magnetism.

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    Daniel Kottke on Steve Jobs and Their Friendship

    Daniel Kottke talks about Steve Jobs, Reed College, the meditation attic and much more.

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    Al Alcorn on Working with Jobs

    Atari's former chief engineer Al Alcorn talks about hiring Jobs in 1974, his return from India and more.

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    Why Ron Wayne Sold Out

    Ron Wayne on his three reasons for selling his stake in Apple Computer.

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    Ron Wayne on Forming Apple

    Ron Wayne talks about his diplomacy skills and getting a 10% stake at Apple Computer.

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    Rob Janoff on Apple Logo

    An iChat interview with Rob Janoff, the creator of Apple logo.

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    Woz and HP

    Steve Wozniak talks about his attachment to HP and having to leave it in 1977.

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    Mike Markkula and Apple Computer

    How Mike Markkula met Jobs and Wozniak in 1976 and became involved in Apple Computer.

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    How Steve Wozniak Brought Color to Computers

    Woz interview where he tells about coming up with a way to make computers create color.

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    A Team of Pirates

    Andy Hertzfeld talks about the spirit of the Mac team (23:15 and on).

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    Steve Wozniak Talks About the Original Mac Team

    Woz talks about the guys who worked on the Macintosh project, including Jef Raskin, Burrell Smith, Andy Hertzfeld, Bill Atkinson and others.

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    Computer as a Bicycle for Our Minds

    Jobs explains his favorite metaphor, computers as a bicycle for the mind.

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    How Andy Hertzfeld Joined Apple

    Andy Hertzfeld talks about joining Apple Computer in 1979.

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    Jef Raskin and His Baby

    Interview with Jef Raskin on his baby, the Macintosh computer.

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    Jobs's Motivation Techniques

    Bill Atkinson discusses Jobs's motivation and people management techniques (1:09:30 and on).

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    John Sculley on Joining Apple in 1983

    John Sculley remembers the climatic moment of his and Jobs's "courtship" in 1983.

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    Ridley Scott on Making of the "1984" Ad

    Ridley Scott's interview on the cult "1984" Macintosh commercial.

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    "We're gambling on our vision"

    A news piece on the Macintosh release featuring an interview with Jobs.

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    John Sculley on Jobs's Departure from Apple

    John Sculley on the events that led to Jobs leaving Apple Computer (16:40 and on).

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    Sculley on the Limits of the First Mac

    John Sculley on why the sales of the Apple Macintosh began to taper off in late 1984.

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    Jobs: "I hired the wrong guy"

    An excerpt from Jobs's 1996 interview where he reflects on his mistake of hiring John Sculley.

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    Jobs on Paul Rand and the History of the NeXT Logo

    Jobs's 1993 interview where he talks about working with Paul Rand on the NeXT logo.

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    John Lasseter on Winning an Oscar for "Tin Toy"

    A short piece on John Lasseter, "Tin Toy" and winning the Academy Award in 1988.

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    An Interview with Jennifer Egan

    A 2010 interview with novelist and former Jobs's girlfriend Jennifer Egan, who went on to win the 2011 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction for her novel "A Visit From the Goon Squad".

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    On the Fly: Mona Simpson

    An interview on writing with Mona Simpson.

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    Tom Hanks Interview

    Tom Hanks tells about his work on providing the voice for Woody in "Toy Story".

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    Jean-Louis Gassée on Be and Apple

    Jean-Louis Gassée talking about the possible cooperation between Apple and Be (video circa 1996).

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    Jobs 1996 Interview

    A 1996 interview with Steve Jobs on Wall $treet Week, just prior to his return to Apple.

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    Dieter Rams: Less but Better

    Dieter Rams of Braun explains his "Less but better" approach to design.

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    Jony Ive on Design

    Jonathan Ive talks about his approach to industrial design.

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    Jobs and Jony Ive on Apple's Design Principles

    "We don't talk about design here. We talk about how things work."

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    Jobs Interview ahead of iMac Release

    Steve Jobs Fox interview a day before the launch of the first iMac.

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    Jobs Interview ahead of the 5th Ave. Store Grand Opening

    Jobs live CNBC interview from the Fifth Avenue Apple Store that was just about to open.

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    "We did discover some irregularities"

    Jobs discusses the options backdating issue in an CNBC interview in 2006 (02:30 and on).

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    Jobs Talks about the Options Issue

    Jobs discusses the options scandal in an CNBC interview following iPhone announcement in 2007 (05:00).

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    Jobs Interview on the Intel Switch

    Jobs's interview given to CNBC after announcing the Intel switch.

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    iPhone Introduction CNBC Interview

    Jobs's CNBC interview after the iPhone introduction in 2007.

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    Murdoch on iPad and Jobs

    Rupert Murdoch interview where he endorses the iPad and talks about Jobs.

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    Jobs on Android and Open vs. Closed

    The 2010Q4 earnings call there Jobs expresses his views on Android and "open vs. closed."

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    Bill Gates on Jobs's Final Months

    Bill Gates remembers his last meetings and conversations with Jobs.

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    Jobs's Vision of the World

    "Life can be much broader if you discover one simple fact."


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