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    Woz Meets Captain Crunch

    Excerpts from Steve Wozniak and John Draper ("Captain Crunch") interviews on blue boxing.

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    Wozniak on the "TV Jammer" Pranks

    Wozniak's account of the "TV Jammer" pranks he's played with Jobs.

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    Steve Wozniak on His Background

    Steve Wozniak talks about his electronics background, pranks and how he met Jobs (01:20 and on).

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    Jobs Talks About the "TV Jammer"

    Jobs talks about the "TV Jammer" device built by Woz and the practical jokes they played with it.

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    Woz on Developing Breakout

    Steve Wozniak talks about how he developed the Breakout game for Atari in four days.

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    The Early Days of Apple

    Jobs, Wozniak and others discussing the beginnings of Apple. Paul Terrell's recollection of the "emergency call" from Jobs in the beginning of the clip.

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    Woz on the Homebrew Computer Club and Starting Apple

    Steve Wozniak talks about the Homebrew Computer Club and starting Apple with Jobs (41:00 and on).

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    Zaltair Computer Joke

    The practical joke Woz played on Jobs at the West Coast Computer Faire in 1977.

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    Woz and HP

    Steve Wozniak talks about his attachment to HP and having to leave it in 1977.

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    How Steve Wozniak Brought Color to Computers

    Woz interview where he tells about coming up with a way to make computers create color.

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    Woz on Apple II

    Steve Wozniak talks about the creation of the Apple II computer.

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    Steve Wozniak Talks About the Original Mac Team

    Woz talks about the guys who worked on the Macintosh project, including Jef Raskin, Burrell Smith, Andy Hertzfeld, Bill Atkinson and others.

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    Woz on the Expansion Slots Argument

    Steve Wozniak talks about "the only argument" he's had with Jobs, the one regarding Apple II having expansion slots (02:40). In the end, Jobs won.

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    Apple Computer in 1985

    A news piece on the state of Apple and computer industry in 1985: Macintosh sales, Wozniak's departure and more.

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    Excerpts from Macworld San Francisco 1997

    Amelio "trotting out" Jobs for Macworld 1997 in San Francisco. Jobs edging offstage as Wozniak is being called out (38:30 and on).

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    Woz Fooling Around

    Steve Wozniak at San Jose’s Valley Fair Mall ahead of the iPad release.

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    Jobs Running into Steve Wozniak

    Jobs being cold to Wozniak's enthusiasm and just trying to get rid of him.


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